Valorization of real property

Rellox selects investment opportunities with the potential of valorization over time – with a special focus on the medium investment horizon of two to five years.

When calculating the expected valorization of the price of real property, it is necessary to take into account several basic factors: the real property cycle momentum, the potential of the given country as well as the specific region or city, the position and quality of the purchased property, project marketing, service quality, interest rates, demographic and other indicators. However, it is always necessary to assess the quality of a project or property individually. Other valorization options for real property include purchasing within a developer project before or during construction. Some foreign developers provide discounts in case of purchase during the first phases of construction.

The above-listed as well as other factors are all taken into account when selecting a suitable investment opportunity for specific investors. Due to the fact that the investment goals and base conditions of real property investors are different, we are available to you for personal counseling of your investment intent. Feel free to contact us.

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