Switzerland - the best country for life

Where is the best place to live in the world and what aspects of the quality of life and people's satisfaction in the individual countries can be assessed? These questions are answered in the HSBC's survey, which explores the experiences of approx. 18,000 emigrants.

This year Switzerland has climbed from the eighth place to take over the lead from Singapore. However, since 2011 its position has remained within the top 10 countries. The remaining eight countries take positions as follows: Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Compared to 2018, Turkey has improved its position considerably, moving from the 24th place.

In Switzerland, expats appreciate better quality of life, stable political and economic situation, higher salaries and quicker career progression. 82% of emigrants stated that after moving to Switzerland the quality of their life improved, of which 70% are very happy with the cleaner air and generally more pleasing environment. In the capital city of Geneva, 67% of expats are feeling safer than in their native country.

After having moved to Switzerland, 71% of respondents had a salary increase, which the average there is CZK 2.5 million a year (approx. USD 110,000), while the world average is only CZK 1.7 million a year (approx. USD 76,000).

Singapore in the second place is the best choice for families with children. 69% of emigrants appreciate the fact that their children can learn foreign languages there and 62% are satisfied with the national educational system.

Third Canada is popular thanks to better quality of life and the lower cost of life. Spain is occupying the fourth place this year after climbing from the 14th place. There, the evidence of a better quality of life lies in the fact that it improved the mental health of 58% of the respondents. The last of the top five is New Zealand where your personal life and your career are more balanced, which has been confirmed by 69% of emigrants.

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