Snow Space Salzburg: New cable car connection, a new opportunity for investment

New interconnecting cable car in Snow Space Salzburg will add kilometres, thus add on attractivity of the area.

In the winter season 2020/21, Snow Space Salzburg will rank among the biggest ski areas in Austria due to the interconnection.

Also, thanks to the authorised construction of the cable car connecting the neighbouring ski resort Flachauwinkl/Kleinarl and opening of a new cable car Flying Mozart in Wagrain the guests will have an opportunity to ski on ski slopes totalling in 200 kilometres.

Cable car Flying Mozart with cabins for 10 people brings a new level of comfort. It goes from Wagrain to the Grießenkareck summit in only 11 minutes. With its capacity to transport 4000 people per hour it ranks among the highest capacities in the world and solves the problem of waiting in queues. The upper station will be moved higher to level a station of the Starjet 3 cable car from Flachau. Thus, there will be one base with a wide variety of different ski slopes. It will be in operation next year.


Another novelty is cable car Panorama Link with cabins for 10 people interconnecting Snow Space Salzburg with the ski resort Flachauwinkl/Kleinarl. The route of the cable car will be 3,1 km long and will go from Grießenkarecku station through the mountain ridge to the upper station in the neighbouring ski resort. During the ride, the guests have the opportunity to enjoy a breath-taking view of both Obertauern and Lower Tauern.

After interconnection of the resorts, the attractivity of the area will rise, just as the prices of local real estates and rental income will. If you are considering purchasing real estate in the mountains, here is your best opportunity.

For instance, new luxurious suites in Alpendorf, only 700 meters away from cable cars are a great choice. For more information about this resort or about the process of a real estate purchase in Austria, please, contact us.

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