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Investing into a real property in large cities represents an alternative to buying real properties in interesting touristic locations intended typically as a second home or short-time lease. For Austria, the interest is focused mainly at large cities, such as Vienna or Salzburg.

Austria offers ideal economic conditions to investors in connection with stable political and economic situation. According to international comparisons, Vienna is one of the most economically favorable locations. Based on the calculation of gross rent fee, Vienna is less expensive than e.g. Frankfurt Brussels, Roma or Prague. This makes Vienna an interesting location for placing a company representatives or company office. Furthermore, this supports the demand for long-term residential and commercial property lease in Vienna.

Vienna is the headquarters of the ÖMV concern, as well as of other important international organizations, such as OBSE – Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OPEC – Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries, or UNOOSA – United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

Prices of real properties rise in Vienna in the long-term horizon. Investing into real properties in the Austrian capital therefore brings not only revenues from the rent, but also appreciation of the real property in time.

Real properties in Vienna for sale

  • Apartments in Vienna. Vienna offers a whole range of housing options, from normal apartments up to luxurious penthouses for the most demanding clients. Prices of apartments in Vienna are influenced by the usual aspects, such as age of the property, locality, furniture, etc. Prices of residential properties in the center of Vienna are much higher than prices in the suburban neighborhoods.
  • Villas and family houses in Vienna. If you decide to buy a house, Vienna offers a whole range of older and newer houses for sale.¨

Basic information about Vienna

  • Population: approx. 1,700,000 (data from 2011)
  • Size: 414.65 km²

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