Real estate for sale by the sea

Most people who are interested in purchasing foreign real estate long for property by the sea. Are you one of them? Choose from the offer of houses and apartments in Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Florida, Bulgaria or the Caribbean.

» Offer of real estate for sale by the sea

Why purchase your own property by the sea

Purchasing real estate by the sea is generally motivated by an interest in its use as a second home. We cannot however dismiss the investment aspect. In the case of high quality real estate in good locations, it can be expected that their value will increase over time. This above all applies for buildings located directly next to the sea, because their number is logically very limited, not to mention the fact that many countries do not allow building in coastal zones or construction of new buildings is very limited.

If you decide to rent out your house or apartment, you can also gain a respectable additional income. How does it all work? In the period when the owner does not want to or is unable to use their real estate, it is rented out in the form of short-term rentals to clients who come to coastal resorts on holiday to relax. The comprehensive service relating to this is arranged by specialised agencies and tour operators without the owner having to worry about anything himself. 

Purchasing real estate by the sea

Purchasing real estate is always governed by the laws in force in each respective country. More detailed information about the process of purchasing real estate in individual countries can be found on the information page for the given country, or by contacting us.

Where and which real estate to purchase

A house, a flat or a plot of land. That is the basic question which anybody who is interested in purchasing real estate by the sea must answer. Flats and apartments are cheaper and less demanding to run. On the other hand, a house or luxury villa can provide more privacy and comfort.

Those who want to have a house exactly according to their own requirements can choose to buy a plot of land abroad. We have also written about the options for purchasing plots of land in Croatia in a separate article.

Real estate by the sea – what you should also not forget

You should also take accessibility into consideration when making a decision to purchase real estate in some coastal locations. How frequently and for how long are you planning to usually use the house or flat? Is the distance such that travelling by car would not take up too much time? Find out other transport options. It is often possible to comfortably travel by train or coach. If you prefer to fly, you should know whether there is an international airport nearby and what the connections you would most frequently be using are like from the airport to your destination.

Apart from the actual purchase price of the real estate for sale, you must also count on secondary costs which are usually linked to purchase of real estate (taxes and fees) and of course also regular operating costs relating to running of the real estate (energy, services and insurance).

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