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Are you interested in buying land or properties in France? Rellox offers a wide range of houses, villas, chalets and apartments in renowned localities, whether on the Cote d’Azure, the Savoy Alps and even Paris. We shall be happy to assist you in choosing the right property for you and then to provide complete services during purchase. You will find what we have on offer at property in France.

Procedure for buying property in France

Let us outline the process of buying a property in France. The first document you will sign is the reservation contract. This will be prepared by an estate agent or French notary. Be aware that all documents will be in French. If you decide to use the services of Rellox Real Estate we will arrange for translations of all contractual documents. After signing the reservation contract, the buyer pays a deposit into the notary’s account. This deposit is usually in the region of 5 % to 10 % of the property price. The purchase contract and all other necessary documents will be provided by the notary, who is also responsible for the whole purchase procedure being conducted in full compliance with valid legislation.
Signature of the purchase contract itself takes place at the notary’s office. If do no wish to participate in this act, you may give a third party power of attorney to sign on your behalf. You must then pay into the notary’s account the balance of the purchase price by the date specified in the contract together with further fees and transfer taxes. Make provision for these extra one-off expenses of around 7 – 8 % of the purchase price.   
Property owners in France must pay regular levies connected with use of a property. These regular payments include land tax (taxe fonciére) and resident taxe (taxe d´habitation). These payments amount to several hundred Euros per year with a standard apartment. 

The most attractive localities for buying property in France

France attracts property buyers with a wide array of attractive localities. If you would prefer houses, villas or apartments by the sea, the French Riviera with its Cote d’Azure and fashionable resorts such as Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez or Monaco is the right choice. Skiing enthusiasts will want to choose in the Savoy Alps. We must not forget about Paris whose inimitable magic attracts millions of tourists every year. But other areas are popular too, of which we should mention Burgundy, the Loire Valley with its beautiful chateaux, Brittany and Normandy.

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