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Property and real estate in GermanyGermany is the main economic powerhouse of Europe and a solid island of stability on the Old Continent. Logically, German real estate still enjoys greater interest of investors from abroad. Unlike Spain, for example, where buyers are mainly interested in recreational properties, Germany is attractive primarily for its offer of real estate for long-term lease.

For property owners in popular tourist destinations, Germany can be the ideal addition to diversity their investment portfolio in the real estate segment; it is also an interesting alternative for those who are not interested in using the real estate themselves as a second home.
Investors have turned their attention particularly to large German cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Berlin, which has become the seat of the federal government after the reunification of Germany and a very cosmopolitan city and centre of international business, has finally reached the level of cities from the original federal lands.

Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank and the braches of many other international banks and institutions. German cities are home to a number of companies of global importance. Stuttgart is the seat for the Porsche and Mercedes automotive companies, while Munich is home to the BMW automotive company and other major multinational corporations. This logically results in an inflow of qualified and affluent clients who create a demand for long-term housing rental and secondarily contributes to the appreciation of real estate.

Moreover, rental is very common in Germany. Less than 50% of Germans live in real estate that they own, which is the lowest number in the entire European Union. The yield from renting residential property in Germany is up to 7% per year. As for commercial real estate (e.g. retail premises), income from rent can be up to 10%, which is a very interesting figure for investors.

Buying real estate in Germany is not complicated for foreign investors. The buyer must have a valid passport and enough funds to purchase to real estate. A state notary oversees the entire transaction and guarantees that the sale is carried out according to German legislation and that after payment of the agreement amount and real estate transfer tax, ownership of the real estate is duly transferred to the new owner.

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