Properties in the Alps bring in interesting rental yields

In addition to pleasantly spent holiday and relaxation time, owning a property in the Alps can also be an interesting investment. Annual yields from rental can be in the region of up to 7 %.

If you have available finance resources, you will probably thinking about how to protect them (at least) against inflation. Over the last few years, interest rates have been extremely low – for instance, the Bank of England has been holding the interest rate at 0.5 % in an attempt to pull the economy out of crisis, the European Central Bank is even more cautious and set the interest rate for the Eurozone at a mere 0.25 %.

The solution can be to buy a property in the Alps – your money then “works for you” and brings other benefits:

  • permanent, all year round yield from rental,
  • unforgettable holidays spent in your own apartment or house in a beautiful Alpine landscape
  • gradual rise of the property price

How do rentals work?

Quite simply. Owners can rent out their property when they are not using it themselves. The apartment or house owner signs a contract with an operator who then takes care of everything on the owner’s behalf. Those who prefer security can sign a contract for a guaranteed income. This is usually in the region of 5 % and the operator bears the full potential risk of the property being unoccupied. If owners choose the option of flexible yields, revenues are based on the actual degree of occupancy. This means a slightly greater risk for the owners, but this may be rewarded by higher yields.

Choosing a property in the Alps suitable for renting out

When choosing a suitable property, you should, however, be very wary – you bear in mind not only a good price, but also the potential of the property as far as rental is concerned. In this respect, the most fundamental aspect is the locality where the apartment or house stands.

Therefore you should look for a property near ski slopes, ski lifts or ski-bus stops. Understandably, a nearby airport also makes the property more attractive, because skiers want to spend as much time as possible on the slopes, not waiting or in a car driving to the ski lifts.

The long-term trend is a tendency towards higher quality and luxury accommodation primarily in quality resorts. Luxury properties are, of course, more expensive, but the subsequent yields are then understandably higher, because people demanding higher quality in accommodation are prepared to reach deeper into their pockets.

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