Marketing and Sales Support

Rellox is engaged in marketing and sales support activities targeting a local clientele in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Russia. To maximize the exposure of our properties, we use a variety of different marketing tools and sales channels.

  • Our Database of Potential Investors

    Rellox maintains a mailing list of several hundred registered potential property buyers to whom we regularly send out a newsletter with our latest listings. We use this as a highly targeting opportunity to reach potential buyers.
  • Public Relations

    Our PR activities and related media presentations are an effective marketing tool on which puts a great deal of emphasis. Our brokers and projects have been mentioned in various national and international media outlets (see our Media section).
  • Internet

    We have found the internet to be one of the most powerful real estate marketing tools. This is why Rellox has heavily invested into its internet marketing and online activities. Our corporate information and information for developers and clients from English-speaking countries can be found on our international website,
    In each country where Rellox has a presence (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Poland and Hungary), we have set up a national website, along with other specialized websites designed to market properties in specific locations. The following is a list of local Rellox websites by country:

- Czech Republic (
- Slovakia (
- Russia (
- Poland (
- Romania (
- Hungary (

Besides advertising on its own websites, Rellox also lists its properties on leading online real estate search engines in different countries.

Rellox also puts substantial resources into marketing its projects and services through mainstream search engines (Google, etc.). Our advertising through these search engines is always country specific.

  • Advertisements

    Rellox advertises its foreign property listings by targeting specific client profiles through carefully selected media outlets, including:

• nationwide daily newspapers
• real estate magazines
• business and finance journals
• lifestyle magazines

sample advertisement 1
sample advertisement 2
sample advertisement 3 
sample advertisement 4
sample advertisement 5
sample advertisement 6 

  • Sponsorships

    Rellox is very active in the sponsorship area and our current activities in this area target the golfing community. For more information, visit the Sponsorships section of our website.

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