This region of Italy has a lot of restrictions on new construction. As a result, Tuscany has been able to preserve its unique and particular historical ambience. The traditional Tuscan stone house, built in a rustic style along the local foothills with impressive sea views, are not necessarily inexpensive (starting at about EUR 700,000); but, you have to remember that Tuscany is considered one of the most expensive property locations in Italy. The area is also home to several well-known summer resorts. These include Forte dei Marmi and Marina di Pietrasanta, which have beautiful sandy beaches. In these more exclusive holiday destinations, the prices for apartments start at about EUR 300,000 and house prices start at about EUR 600,000.


Sardinia is one of the most popular second home destinations for those who like living along the coast. The most sought after are the well-known coastal resorts in the northern part of the island, which is also where Sardinia’s most prestigious real estate locations, such as Porto Cervo, are found. Prices are commensurate with the desirability of the location (apartments start at around EUR 300,000). Less well-known but equally as attractive locations (such as Costa Paradiso) prices for apartments can be found starting at about EUR 180,000 and house prices starting at about EUR 350,000.


Liguria (also known as the Italian Riviera) is a region located in the western most part of Italy, bordering France and home to such popular coastal resorts as San Remo and Bordighera. Both pebble and sandy beaches are found in this area. Due to its relatively mountainous and rugged landscape, most local properties are built on sloping sites without any direct pedestrian access to the beach. House prices start at about EUR 450,000 and apartments start at about EUR 200,000.


Owners of dwellings in the Dolomites can benefit from their strategic location. Besides skiing in winter, they can also take trips to the seaside as well as the Italian lakes such as Lago di Garda and others, to which there are relatively good transport links. Older apartments in the Dolomites sell for upwards of EUR 120,000. Older houses sell for approximately EUR 300,000. In the case of newly built dwellings, expect to pay upwards of approximately EUR 4,000/m2. But the price depends to a great extent on the concrete location. Real estate prices in prestigious centres such as Cortina d ́Ampezzo or Val Gardena can be up to twice those of some other centres.

Livigno and Bormio

Livigno is one of the most popular ski areas in the Italian mountains. Geographically speaking, Livigno is part of the Italian Alps, rather than the Dolomites. It is located in an open valley of the Aqua Granda river, at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level, in the immediate vicinity of the border with Switzerland. Its link with Munt la Schera, the Swiss cross-border tunnel, brings skiing lovers to Livigno from all over Europe.

You can enjoy a total of 115 kilometres of well-groomed ski slopes, sunny weather, delicious Italian cuisine, restaurants and cafes. But Livigno is not just lively in winter. Its also a great place to spend an unforgettable active summer holiday. And that’s not all. Livigno enjoys the benefits of being a duty-free zone – meaning that visitors do not pay VAT or excise tax. You can thus enjoy great prices on various items, particularly clothing, fuel, alcohol and perfumes. All of these factors make Livigno a rich town in the Alps, which attracts visitors year-round from all over Europe. The nearby Alpine resort of Bormio (which is a mere 35 km from Livigno) is renowned mainly for being a regular venue for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup on the Pista Stelvio slope.

Northern Lake District

One of Italy’s most popular vacation destinations – this includes Czech second home buyers – is the Italian lake district around Lake Garda and Lake Como. The area combines mountains with imposing lake views, lush vegetation and a Mediterranean climate. Apartment prices start at roughly EUR 150,000 with houses starting at around EUR 350,000. There are many luxury properties in this area, which include both apartments and fabulous villas. The most well-known resorts include the towns of Riva del Garda and Salo (on Lake Garda) and Como and Lecco (on Lake Como).

Adriatic Coast

The prices for a small studio apartment on the Adriatic Coast (e.g. in the Lignana district) start at about EUR 150 – 200,000.

Southern Italy

Most of southern Italy, including regions such as Calabria, has not yet undergone any massive influx of vacation and second home buyers. As a result, property prices in this part of Italy are still relatively low. A small apartment on the coast can be purchased for as little as EUR 80,000. The downside of this more attractive pricing can be a relative paucity of services and less infrastructure in this part of Italy.

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