Investment opportunities

Rellox offers its clients the opportunity to invest into real property in almost 30 countries over the world. Due to their extensive offer, you can diversify your investment into different countries, various types of property and different currencies to optimize investment returns.


  • Real property in large cities and metropolitan areas such as Berlin, London, Vienna, Paris, New York etc. with potential valorization of the real property and income through long-term lease. Our offer of real properties in cities is available here.
  • Real property in tourist and investment-appealing locations, such as seaside areas or in the Alps. Again, there is a potential for valorization of the real property and income through short-term lease to tourists. Our database of real property allows searching for seaside properties and properties in the Alps.

Investment return

  • Valorization of real property over time. We search for suitable locations and projects for our clients, specifically for those which have the potential for valorization – especially in the midterm horizon.
  • Real properties with income from further lease. We offer property in tourist locations with income from further lease to tourists (guaranteed or flexible income) or in large cities with the option of long-term lease.
  • New projects in interesting localities. Due to our knowledge of individual locations, we offer the possibility to invest into new projects which offer a potential for valorization of the property during the project's construction or due to construction projects near the real property – e.g. construction of new infrastructure. Our list of new projects is available here.
  • Hotels for sale. We offer small and large hotels for sale, in several countries and tourist locations. Hotels for sale are available in our database.

Sale of real property from banks

Rellox provides private investors with the unique opportunity to invest into real property sold by banks and indebted developers, at advantageous prices.

Cannot find a suitable investment opportunity? Please fill in our investment questionnaire and we will gladly prepare suitable offers for you based on your criteria. Or feel free to contact us.

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