Investment Consulting

Rellox is an expert in helping our clients search for and find attractive real estate investment opportunities worldwide. We look for projects for clients who want to invest into a single property, a group of properties or as part of an investment partnership (etc.) involving other investors. Our clients include private individuals, businesses and financial institutions that are looking for an attractive rate of return on their investment and the optimizing of their investment portfolio.

We have certain basic criteria which we use in the evaluation of real estate investment opportunities to be presented to our clients (however, other criteria may apply in particular individual situations). The final selection of a particular investment opportunity is made by weighing the needs of the client in light of the following:

1. Size of Investment

  • Small investment (e.g. a single property).
  • Investment involving multiple properties or a large-scale development project.

2. Type of Return Sought

  • Property investment to generate a current income or return.
  • Property investment to achieve an increase in value over time.

3. Type of Use

  • Investment into a property which the client will be frequently using.
  • Investment into a property which the client will not be using frequently.

4. Client Profile

  • Aggressive clients looking for a high rate of return.
  • Conservative clients looking for a low-risk investment.

If you are interesting in additional information related to investing into real estate, please feel free to contact us.

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