Income from real property renting

Rellox focuses primarily on the brokering of real property investments in popular tourist destination, where real property can be leased to tourists on the basis of short-term (usually week-long) stays, or in large cities, where real property can be leased on the basis of long-term contracts.

Long-term lease

Long-term lease is applied especially in large cities such as e.g. Berlin, London, Vienna, Paris, New York etc. The owner of the real property can lease the property for a long term (up to several years) with a contractual guarantee of monthly income from rent. The owner also usually receives a deposit from the renter to cover risks. Thus this is a relatively safe investment.

Short-term lease to tourist – guaranteed yields from lease

A tour-operator is available for selected projects. The tour-operator rents all the units to tourists in the given complex on the basis of weekly stays. The tour-operator contractually guarantees a certain yield from lease, with the possibility of the real property owner also partially using the property. The risk of real property occupancy is thus fully placed on the tour operator. This investment opportunity is applied especially in new projects and provides several advantageous investment conditions to investors:

  • Annual yields of up to circa 6 % of the purchase price of the real property.
  • Contractually guaranteed yields for a period of 3 to 20 years.
  • Possibility of automatic VAT deduction from the purchase price of the real property, i.e. the investor saves up to 20% from the base purchase price of the real property (note: VAT varies for individual countries).
  • Possibility of using the real property for several weeks per year.
  • Complex service support with the administration and lease of the real property.

Lease to tourists – flexible yield from lease

For selected projects and real property, Rellox offers the possibility of yields from lease based on the actual occupancy (income) of the real property. Further lease of the real property is administrated by a specialized agency, and the investor can also use his/her real property as he/she pleases. The final annual yields for the investor thus depend on a previous agreement between the investor and lessor and on the actual occupancy. The investor receives several advantages in this case:

  • Flexibility between renting the real property and using it.
  • Contractually unlimited maximum yield.
  • Possibility of VAT return from the purchase price of the property in some new projects (consultation for specific projects required).
  • Some new projects include complex service support with the administration and lease of the real property.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilities of investments with income from further leasing.

Offer of selected investment opportunities with income from lease.

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