Cities and Capital Cities

Cities, capital cities and other regional centers represent interesting real estate investment opportunities. As a result, Rellox, in addition to its well-known summer and winter resorts (see our current listings of properties by the sea and real estate in the Alps), has also put together lists of select available properties in cities and capital cities.

Are you thinking about buying a property in Paris, London, Vienna, Salzburg, Milan or another major city? Are you looking for real estate for sale in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremburg or another German city?

» Please take a look at our listing of real estate for sale under cities and capital cities.

Cities and capital cities: benefits of investing in real estate.

There is usually one of two reasons for acquiring a property - either as an investment or for one’s own use. What might some of the reasons be for purchasing property in a large city or a capital city?

First, it’s a relatively straight forward and safe investment. The prices of property in cities such as London, Vienna, Berlin or Paris have been increasing. Basically, there is good, stable demand for new properties and for the leasing of new properties. This market support is important in terms of return on investment which, with respect to real estate comes from two primary areas – price appreciation (i.e. the difference between a purchase price and future sales price) and rental income.

Capital cities are also important regional centers that function as centers of finance and social activities. Headquarter offices are located here for major national and international companies and there are also the main offices of government authorities and state institutions. Their management and employees represent a good source of well-paid, reliable tenants who can enter into longer-term leases.

With respect to the acquisition of an apartment or house for one’s own use, we adhere to the usual criteria, which take into account a client’s specific needs. Among the most important considerations are location, type of property, accessibility and services, civic and social amenities and amount of green area, etc.

Why invest in real estate located in cities and capital cities?

  • property and real estate are one of the safest and most stable types of investment
  • good steady demand for the purchase and the leasing of real estate
  • long-term price appreciation
  • opportunity to sign long-term lease contracts
  • portfolio diversification

We will be glad to help you with information about buying real estate and you can contact us and one of our people will be glad to meet or discuss with you how to find just the property you are looking for.

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