Buying a Property in Switzerland

The purchase of residential real estate by foreign buyers in Switzerland is subject to the laws and regulations of individual Swiss cantons – which means that the restrictions and conditions on the transferring of the title of ownership to property can vary depending on the location of the property. While some cantons are more open to foreign property buyers, others put substantial restrictions on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners.

Each canton has its own systems of regulations and rules, which foreigners must adhere to in order to acquire a property in their own name. Some cantons even have a fixed number of permits for the transferring of ownership to foreign buyers. There can also be restrictions on the maximum size of the habitable area and parcel sizes and the requirement to become a permanent resident in order to own property, etc.

The easiest approach seems to be the purchase of a property, which has an existing permit for sale to a foreign buyer (such a permit can also be applied for). If no such permit has been issued, a prospective foreign buyer would have to apply for a different type of permit, which is issued by various local authorities. The good thing is that most of Switzerland’s popular tourist destinations (popular cantons) have looser restrictions on the purchasing of properties by non-Swiss buyers. (Please note that Switzerland is not a member of the EU, which means all transactions will be taking place in Swiss francs.)

Another thing to keep in mind is that buying a property in Switzerland always involves administrative and legal tasks that need to be handled on an individual basis, which is why you should contact a Rellox representative directly to arrange to meet in person.

Map: Swiss cantons ranked by their openness to foreign property buyers. The red color indicates areas with the greatest limitations and restrictions and the dark green color indicates areas with the least restrictions.

Swiss cantons ranked by their openness to foreign property buyers.

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